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2013 Pay It Forward Fundraising
“Children are a heritage from the Lord” Ps. 127
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Dear family and friends,

You have been invited to take part in an amazing adventure.  We, the parents at Heritage Montessori School, are excited to launch a  2013 Pay it Forward Fundraiser to seek donations for a state-of-the-art Playground and safe outdoor flooring for our students. 
We all know that Heritage Montessori School is one of the best schools in Arizona.  The teachers at Heritage have dedicated their lives to education and making sure their students are safe, happy and well-educated.   They are so humble that they do not even refer to it as their school, rather, they feel it truly belongs to the children.
Heritage students leave to first grade at advanced levels.  A good problem to have, but parents need to find proper programs like honors and excelled classes.  This process is imperative to assure students continue to develop and grow at such a competitive pace and level.
As parents we want to pay our gratitude forward to teachers of Heritage Montessori School.  Their hard work and dedication to our children is impeccable and we are ecstatic to make this dream of theirs come true. However, we cannot go about this journey alone.  WE need your help!
OUR GOAL IS $30,000.  We would like to kindly ask for donations towards this goal. Thank you.

With much Appreciation,
The Parents at Heritage Montessori School

Click the DONATE button to pay it forward.   (You do not need an account with paypal to donate).

Please share our fundraiser goal with on facebook, twitter and email, even co-workers. Have them visit www.heritagemontessorischool.org and share our story with everyone!