We love Heritage Montessori School
Nagananda Bellur - September 2013
We loved Heritage Montessori School. Our daughter started here when she was 3 years old and we could immediately see a huge progress in her. We could approach her teachers anytime and they were friendly and courteous. They regularly updated us on her progress. Unfortunately, she couldn't continue here for long as we had to move. Our daughter still misses this school, her friends and teachers. This is a great school and I highly recommend this school.

We certainly saw the benefits of the program
Anatoly Geyfman - May 2013
We sent our daughter, who was two and half at the time, to Heritage Montessori School for the afternoon half-day program (12:30pm - 3:00pm). We chose this school after interviewing the owner. We immediately liked the facilities, and while the school was a bit far from our house, we felt like it was worth driving for a great place for our little girl to learn and have fun. Heritage Montessori was very accommodating with helping us finish potty training our daughter and helped urge her to go on the potty when she was there. Besides potty training, the school helps with manners and behavior - it never felt like our daughter was under-supervised or not attended to. We noticed a marked improvement in basic skills like pen handling, puzzles and drawing. The teachers were very generous with their time, explaining the Montessori method and how it helps kids learn - and we certainly saw the benefits of the program. I would not hesitate to recommend this school to our friends or any other parents who are looking for an excellent preschool in the Central Phoenix area.

She loves her school and is so comfortable with her teachers
Priyadarshini Radhakrishnan - April 2013
My daughter is going to the Heritage Montessori school for about a year and a half now, she loves her school and is so comfortable with her teachers. We have seen a lot of progress in her social and life skills. She has also started reading recently. It is amazing to see 20 odd kids between 3-6 years hardly making any noise, so focused and engrossed in whatever activity they are doing.They also encourage kids to help each other, to keep their work space neat and tidy. We are very happy with the school and the teachers. They are very genuine people, they go out of their way to help you if they can. Last but not least their tuition fee is reasonable compared to most of the Montessori schools. We will recommend this school for Pre-K & Kindergarten kids for having a strong foundation.

Heritage Montessori School (HMS) is not just a school but a safe, family oriented environment
Renu Naidu - March 2013
Heritage Montessori School (HMS) is not just a school but a safe, family oriented environment for a child. Our daughter was here for one and a half years and attended the pre-k and kindergarten programs. She has really blossomed as a keen, interested, inquisitive and eager young learner. The school environment is disciplined, calm and enriching, helping children reach their greatest potential. Being with the same teacher for one and a half years gave our daughter a great opportunity to establish a wonderful relationship with her teacher. We liked our daughter's teacher very much who believed that child education and development is a parent-teacher team effort. We are thankful to HMS school for our daughter's excitement and curiosity about learning, willingness to help and care for others and be positive about the world around her. Since we moved to Virginia, our daughter is missing her school and teacher a great deal. HMS is a great school for young children.

As someone with a master degree in education, I am extremely happy with our choice
Amanda McMahon - January 2013
We transferred from an AMS school to this AMI school and are extremely happy. Our daughter has flourished, the owners are super personable and very open and honest. The school is small so there's no issues with feeling like "a number." As someone with a master degree in education, I am extremely happy with our choice to send our daughter to this school and if we're in the area, our younger child will go here as well. Plus, for a 5 day program, it is less expensive than the other certified AMI schools - there IS a difference!

It was amazing to see the growth during this time
Jessica Smith - July 2012
My son attended Heritage Montessori for 2.5 years. It was amazing to see the growth during this time and watching him graduate from kindergarten with an educational background that will impact him for the better for the rest of his education. His teacher was great and he received one on one attention on a daily basis. They take the time to ensure each student is learning on an individual level, based on the child's abilities. When he was done with kindergarten he was reading on a 2nd grade level, doing multiplication, division, and had leadership qualities. I highly recommend this school. It's worth it and he already asks if he can come back and visit!

My only regret was not starting him at this school earlier!
Kathy Christensen - June 2012
Sending my son to Heritage Montessori was one of the best decisions I made as a parent. I am truly amazed what my son has accomplished here. My only regret was not starting him at this school earlier! The Montessori method allows children to learn to their full potential with out making them feel pressured. They are motivated to do their best and feel good about themselves when they accomplish a lesson every day. Aside from the Montessori method, this particular school truly embraces the passion of teaching children. As a single mother, I completely trusted the teachers with my child and always knew they had all best intentions for every single family that walked through their door. I am confident that my son was given the best foundation of learning and life skills with Heritage Montessori to move on in future accomplishments.

We are amazed at the way our son has progressed in this school 
Vasundhara Venkatasubramanian - May 2012
We are amazed at the way our son has progressed in this school over the last two years while still retaining his individuality and innocence. The teachers are very keen in helping the little ones grow, learn and they can not only spot the strengths but also improve upon the skills to perfect them - and all this in a manner that is natural to them. That makes us believe more so in the Montessori approach - it really does work. We are very happy and highly recommend this to every parent that we know of.

The staff at Heritage Montessori are the true treasures 
Mr. Rodriguez - August 5, 2011
My wife & I enrolled our daughter enrolled at Heritage Montessori because the teachers truly care about each student, and they gave our child the individual attention that she needed to develop a love of learning while instilling a confidence to continue learning in any environment. We would have continued our daughter's Kindergarten at Heritage, but we moved to the East Valley. We strongly recommend parents to attend the parent-teacher conferences & the student-parent nights, your child will amaze you with the level of understanding and mastery that is demonstrated by the multi-sensorial approach that is at the essesnce of Montessori schools. The staff at Heritage Montessori are the true treasures because of their kind nature and ability to positively guide children as young minds to not only learn, but engage & master their environment in a respectful and orderly manner.

Our 6-year-old daughter just graduated
Lisa W - May 14, 2011
Our 6-year-old daughter just graduated after completing the three-year program at Heritage Montessori. My husband and I do not believe we could have made a wiser choice for her first school. The Serafins are AMI-trained and are "true believers" in the Montessori method, which emphasizes development of the whole child. Our daughter grew from being a timid, unsure 3-year-old to a confident, responsible 6-year-old leader of her class. It was without question the right decision to keep her at Heritage for the "kindergarten" year. By the end of the year, not only were she and the other kindergartners writing original stories in cursive, but they had all worked their way through addition, subtraction, and multiplication, and by May were working on division exercises and fractions. As impressive as that academic development is, even more important to our family is the key fact that our daughter has always loved school, has always been happy to go to school in the morning, has developed a strong work ethic, and has come to feel that she is an important, valuable part of her school community. We believe that is a foundation that will pay lifelong dividends.

I highly recommend Heritage Montessori
Lisa - Feb 25, 2011
My oldest son attended this school for 2 years and my younger son is currently attending. It has been a wonderful experience for both my children. The school has a caring and knowledgeable staff that really engages the children. Both my children have a love of school that I believe comes from attending Heritage Montessori. The school offers bright open and organized classrooms and a wonderful outdoor play area as well. 

True Montessori Gem 
Barbara - Feb 22, 2011
Our children have been attending Heritage Montessori for 2 years and it has truly been a wonderful experience for them as well as for our family. When our oldest daughter was 2 1/2 we were looking for a school that could provide a safe and respectful environment and a great learning experience. As a nervous mom sending my child to school for the very first time I researched and visited many preschools and child care facilities. Heritage Montessori is very unique, clean and inviting giving us an impression that we didn't see or feel at other schools toured. I met with the administrator and the teachers who did and continue to impress me with their kindness, professionalism and knowledge about children and Montessori. This was clearly visible and evident at the time of our observations of the children, teacher-parent conferences, and many other occasions. Seeing older children helping younger children in the classrooms, doing math, reading, writing stories in cursive and having assigned responsibilities at such a young age just to name a few things, I couldn't wait to sign up my daughter. I recommend anybody to come to the school, so you can see it for yourself. Our oldest daughter, who is now 8, graduated from the school 2 years ago, but still cherishes every moment she had there. She always refers to it as" her school". This kind of deep expression I attribute to the teachers and staff that she encountered through these years attending Montessori. The teachers at the school continuously show knowledge and sincerity in pointing out strength and weaknesses in our children. Furthermore they are willing to discuss and help with these issues, because there is always an open line of communication. Our children exhibit a love for learning, show respectfulness and resourcefulness, so I know in my heart that we are at the right school.

We love the Montessori Method
Brandi - Feb 1, 2011
We love the Montessori Method, especially at Heritage! After a year here we can really see the impact of the classroom on our daughter, socially and developmentally. She has a great respect for the Serafins, her assistant teachers, and her friends. She brings home her practical life skills and applies them to 'chores' ...around the house, voluntarily. She has also learned to read, write cursive, and add...and she just turned 3! We look forward to the next few years!

Both our children attend Heritage Montessori
Marni and Jonathan - Jan 25, 2011
Both our son and daughter attend Heritage. Anyone who does not know what a Montessori education is and has children (or plans to have them) should look it up. It is, by far, the best way to ensure that your child is learning at the best of his or her abilities and that he or she is developing a unique yet global view of his/her place in the universe. It is an outstanding education. Now, in terms of how Heritage Montessori stands up in the Montessori style of teaching, it is stellar! The facility is well organized, clean, inviting. The teachers are caring, encouraging and their years of experience teaching are evident in their love for what they do. Although private, this pre-K and Kindergarten school is more than worth the money (and it is far less expensive than most private schools and even daycare facilities in the area). Because of Heritage, should our children end up in the public education system, we feel confident that they will not only excel, but that they will be far more well adjusted and confident than any other student around them.

No other School, No other Teachers!
Zachary - Jan 21, 2011
My wife and I always say. Heritage Montesorri is an excellent school for any child. We wanted three main characteristics from the school we send our children to, which Heritage does: 1. Committed to True Montesorri Principles 2. Engagement in the children - The teachers and owners are always at the level of the children and really engage in the conversation with the child, which helps the them learn more 3. Constant communication with the Parents - The teachers and Mr. Serafin know every characteristic and stage of your child and communicate daily with progress and successes. Our son was reading by 3 1/2.

Great School
Andrea - Jan 5, 2011
We enrolled our daughter into the Montessori school and have never regretted our decision. When we were looking into preschools, she was struggling with some socialization and sensory issues. We felt that the style of schooling and consistent schedule would be the most beneficial to see her through these issues. We couldn't be happier with the results. Not only is she learning at an amazing rate, but she's showing tremendous progress both socializing and with her sensory issues. This is a credit to both the style of teaching as well as the staff.

Great choice for early education
Cami - Feb 8, 2010
My daughter is at Heritage Montessori for her 3rd year. This "kindergarten" year has really been the culmination of the skills she has learned. I have seen her mind and spirit blossom as she develops her self esteem and knowledge. All of the teachings have been very beneficial to her as she learns about the world around her as well as communicating with others, being responsible, etc. She enjoys school and I know that I made the right choice in keeping her here for all three years. It really makes a huge difference to commit to the whole process and be patient and wait for the child to grasp their learning opportunity at his/her own developmental stage. I highly recommend this school and specifically think it's a great option all the way through kindergarten.

The Best School 
Mariusz - Dec 13, 2009
I highly recommend this school! I have visited numerous schools and this one was very impressive and highly maintained. The atmosphere was conducive to learning, very clean and the environments are well prepared. The children seemed to really enjoy the learning environment. The teachers are very professional, loving and devoting a lot of personal attention. Much better then the regular day care. I highly recommend the Heritage Montessori to everyone who cares about education and growth of their children,

Heritage Montessori School - Great school...
Deepak - Dec 4, 2009
Our daughter attended Heritage Montessori School and received an excellent education. As a result of our experience at this school, I would highly recommend this Montessori School to anyone who is interested in having their children experience the best Montessori School in this area. The administration and staff are all AMI trained and adhere to the Montessori principles set forth by Dr. Maria Montessori. The warm and friendly atmosphere at Heritage Montessori School was very nurturing to both our child and us. We will be forever grateful to this school to have received this educational experience for our child.

One of the most reputed schools...
Vandana - Nov 21, 2009
My son has studied for about 2 years now and I see lot of progress in him academically and he has also developed a very nice personality grooming him to grow up to be a confident individual. The new management is very open and co-operative, they are open to feedback and any suggestions that will help them help the students and parents make Heritage a really nice place to study for the kids. They try their very best to inculcate the montessori style of education which is way different than the normal "day-care" type of education. Overall I as a parent of a 4 year old am very happy with the way my son has progressed studying here.

Heritage is a great choice if Montessori is for you 
Julie - Aug 25, 2009
Our son has been at Heritage for 3 years now and we are very satisfied. It has undergone a change in ownership, but the transition period is behind us now, and I believe you will not find another preschool where your child will be more cared for, invested in, and truly educated than Heritage. The Serafins love these children and they pour their hearts into helping the kids learn how to learn for themselves. Montessori is built on consistency and allowing the children to observe a task and then repeat it. This requires more than just coming to school every other day, which frustrates the children more than anything. If you choose the Montessori option for your child, consider Heritage as you make that choice. And then, as with anything, have faith in the professionals with whom you are entrusting your children. To enroll our kids in anything and then begin immediately to question and 2nd guess the people in charge is to undermine the process and send very mixed signals to the child. If that is your attitude, may I suggest home schooling? Do your homework, be confident that the school is right for you, and then give the process time to work.

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